Deutschland im Jahr 10 nach der Wiedervereinigung

Besuch israelischer Journalisten in Hannover, Schloß Wendgräben, Leipzig and Berlin im August/September 2000


Friday, August 25 – Hanover
16:30 Departure from Tel Aviv with Lufthansa
22:30 Arrival in Hanover
23:00 „Germany 10 years after Unification“ – brief introduction by Michael Anthony,

Saturday, August 26 – Hanover / Berlin
09:00 „EXPO 2000“ – Visit to the largest World Exhibition ever
Guided tour: Germany Hall and Theme Park „Energy and Environment“
15:00 „AutoStadt“ – Visit to Volkswagen in Wolfsburg
19:00 Dinner
21:00 Departure to Berlin by cars – 23:00 Arrival
00:00 Nightlife Berlin

Sunday, August 27 – Berlin
10:00 „Vom Führerbunker zum Holocaust Mahnmal‘ – Tracing the Past“
Discovering the network of tunnels around the former Hitler-bunker in central Berlin. Explanations by an archeologist of Berliner Unterwelten e.V
12:30 Revival of Jewish Life or Nostalgy – Tour of the Jewish Quarter
15:00 Departure to Greifenhain
16:30 „Controversial Youth Work“ – Meeting with a group of young rightwing and left-wing extremists that will visit Auschwitz the next day
19:00 „One Year After – The community of the Greifenhain-village and the problem of right-wing extremism“ – Panel Discussion in the church of Greifenhain with citizens, chaired by priest Christian Weber
22:00 Tracing the Right-Wing Hotspots in Brandenburg –
Patrol with the „Mobil Police Unit Against Violence and Racism“

Monday, August 28 – Berlin
11:30 Pannel on German-Israeli Relations
15:30 „A colourful station for a colourful city“ – Visit to the public service radio station „SFB Multi-Kulti“
18:30 Berlin’s Media Landscape – by Malte Lehming, Der Tagesspiegel
20:00 Traces of the Berlin Wall – Visit to the East-Side Gallery

Tuesday, August 29 – Brandenburg
15:30 Initiative „Emergency Entrance“: Helping victims of right-wing attacks in Brandenburg
17:30 „‚Brauner Alltag oder Tolerantes Bundesland‘ – the view of a mayor“
Visit to the village of Altlandsberg, meeting with mayor Gyyula
19:30 Departure to Potsdam, Check-in to Hotel

Wednesday, August 30 – Schloß Wendgräben
Seminar with young German journalists in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation
10:00 „How to teach the Shoah“ – Visit to the Wannsee Villa in Berlin
11:00 Departure to Wendgräben – 13:30 Lunch at the Castle
14:30 Introduction by Tobias Wangermann
Get Together with German participants of the Programme
16:30 „Jewish Life in Germany“ – Moishe Waks, Jewish Community Berlin
19:00 „From Propaganda to free journalism – Transitions in the East German Media“ – Alexander Will, Radio journalist, Radio Sachsen

Thursday, August 31 – Schloß Wendgräben
09:00 „German Army Facing new Challenges – Reform of the Bundeswehr“ – by Peter Buch, Lieutenant Colonel, Bundeswehr
11:00 „Erbarmen mit den Deutschen“ – Soul-searching for the German Nation. by Henryk Broder, Author
14:30 „How the two Germanies remembered the past“ –
Visit to a former Concentration Camp that later served as a memorial site under communist East-Germany and the reunited Germany

Friday, September 1 – Leipzig
09:00 „Revitalising Coal-Mining in East-Germany“ – Visit to a former coal-mining area, meeting with environmental groups, meeting with the Mayor
13:00 „‚Wir sind das Volk‘ – Documenting the German Revolution of 1989 that started in Leipzig“ – Dr. Anne Martin, Haus der Geschichte Leipzig
19:30 Departure to Berlin

Saturday, September 2 – Berlin
Individual Research (optional Programmes available)
20:00 „Nightfever“ – Participation in the annual alumni party on a boat, touring Berlin on the river Spree

Sunday, September 3