Von München bis Berlin

Austauschprogramm israelischer und deutscher Journalisten im Juli 2002


Saturday, July 20 – Munich
05:30 Departure from Tel Aviv to Munich with Lufthansa
10:00 Breakfast at Schloss Nymphenburg Castle
12:00 Shopping time
20:30 Dinner in the „Lenbach“ hosted by Allianz/Dresdner Bank
23:00 Nightlife I: Munich! – in the „Pascha“ Club

Sunday, July 21 – The Alps
11:00 Journey to Herzogenstand, ride to the mountain’s summit with a cable car
18:00 Visit of a local folk festival along a lake „Tegernsee“

Monday, July 22 – Munich
09:30 Corporate History – German Companies face up to their past: The Case of the Allianz Group
Meeting with the Company Historian Gerd Modert and Director of Communications Emilio Galli-Zugaro.
12:30 Lunch
14:00 How to teach the Shoah?
Visit to the former Concentration Camp Dachau, Meeting with Teachers
15:00 Germany’s Media Landscapes
Stefan Kornelius, Head of Foreign Desk, Süddeutsche Zeitung

Tuesday, July 23 – Leipzig
08:30 Departure from Munich
14:00 Germany – A United Country divided?
A Multimedia-Tour through Germany’s History in a History Exhibition
18:00 Dinner in Schloss (Castle) Wendgräben
19:30 Get together with German journalists in the tower of the castle

Wednesday, July 24 – Schloss (Castle) Wendgräben
Seminar with young German journalists in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Foundation
09:00 Being Jewish in Germany
Sheli Kupferberg, Radio MultiKulti Berlin
11:00 Immigration and asylum in Germany and Europe
Cem Özdemir, Member of Parliament for the Greens
12:00 Is the German Press anti-Semitic?
Deidre Berger, American Jewish Committee on a recent academic survey on the German Press
16:00 German-Israeli Media Realities during the Second Intifada
Discussion in German -Israeli Working Groups
– Editorials: Taboos and self-censorhsip vs. critical reporting
– News to use: Which sources are reliable?
– Television: The use of pictures
18:00 Dinner
19:00 The German Israeli Media Realities – Closing Panel
Chaired by Michael Anthony

Thursday, July 25 – Potsdam / Berlin
09:00 Departure to Potsdam and Berlin
10:00 At Home? Immigration and Asylum Visit of an integration center for Jewish Russian immigrants
13:00 What future for East Germany’s youth?
Priest Christian Weber (organizes meetings with young left- and right-wing youngsters)
16:00 Check-in Hotel
17:00 Jewish life in Berlin – Real or Disney?
Tour of the Jewish Quarter with Yehudit Orland
21:00 Dinner

Friday, July 26 – Berlin
09:00 Breakfast with Yuval Fuchs, Israeli Embassy
11:00 Right Wing Extremism in Germany and Europe
Holger Stark, Der Spiegel
12:30 Why I became a Neo-Nazi
Randy (convicted for denying the Holocaust)
14:00 Tracing the Berlin Wall
Tour along the former Berlin Wall, Explanations by a journalist
16:30 The Germans, its Parliament and its Constitution
Visit to the Reichstag, explanations by a Parliamentary correspondent
17:00 Issues in German Domestic policies
Dr. Wulf Schmiese, F.A.Z. am Sonntag
21:00 Dinner with Journalists
23:00 BeLOVEd Capital – PARADE through the clubs of Berlin with the inventor of the Berlin Loveparade Dr. Motte

Saturday, July 27 – Berlin
11:00 Berlin – a City united?
River cruise of Berlin’s major sites
16:00 Farewell Gathering: Kumsitz/Picknick in the Tiergarten
19:00 Departure to the Airport
Return flight to Tel Aviv with Lufthansa via Munich

This Programme was held under the Patronage of German President Johannes Rau and former Israeli Ambassador Avi Primor. journalists.network further gratefully acknowledges the support of the German Government Press Office and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation for funding and supporting this Programme.