Outside looking in: What increasing restrictions mean for international reporting on China – REGISTER NOW!

Workshops on satellite journalism, open source research about China and a panel debate online and IN BERLIN on the question of the consequences of dwindling access for journalists and researchers

In many countries, governments have tightened state restrictions to make the work of journalists more difficult. This particularly affects reporters working internationally, who in many cases no longer receive journalist visas or are expelled from their reporting areas. The pandemic served as a welcome pretext for governments to restrict press freedom and close borders for independent researchers. In addition, media budgets are shrinking, making it harder for foreign reporting to exist.

„Outside, looking in“ is a conference dealing with the challenges of increasing restrictions and lack of access to China, but also to other parts of the world, where the work of journalists and researchers is in danger. The online conference is organized by journalists.network e.V. and the German-Chinese media network. The event is supported by the Bosch Alumni Center.

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