Deutschland vor der Bundestagswahl

Recherchereise für israelische Journalisten in Deutschland im September 2005

Direkt vor der Bundestagswahl 2005 recherchierte eine Gruppe israelischer Journalisten auf Einladung von in Deutschland.


Tuesday, September 13 – Berlin
22:50 Arrival to Tegel Airport with Lufthansa from Tel Aviv / Frankfurt
00:00 Check-in Hotel SAS Radisson
Followed by Good-Night-Drink in Downtown Berlin

Wednesday, September 14 – Berlin
11:00 Tour to the German Reichstag
12:30 Visit of Holocaust Memorial
14:00 Lunch at Cafe Adler
15:00 Discussion on New Antisemitism in Germany
Philipp Gessler, Journalist and Author
Followed by Visit of German Alternative Newspaper „die tageszeitung“
17:00 Germany’s National Election
Briefing with Christoph Schult, Political Correspondent, „Der Spiegel“
18:30 Shopping Hour
21:00 Challenges of Integrating the Muslim Community in Kreuzberg
Dinner with Cem Sey, Correspondent for DW Turkish Programme
Followed by Nightlife in Kreuzberg

Thursday, September 15 – Berlin
10:00 Preparing for Election Showdown – Visit of Germany’s First Channel’s TV-Studio
Rainald Becker, ARD Berlin
11:30 Voting for a Change – A „New Conservatism“ on the Move?
Christian Reiermann, Head of News Desk, „Welt am Sonntag“
Followed by Visit of Axel Springer Publishing House
12:30 Lunch in „Paparazzi“
13:30 Individual Research: Israeli Journalists follow their own Research Stories
Advised by German Journalists
18:30 Berlin – Capital of Exile Palestinians
Talk with Peace Activist Rev. Christian Weber
20:30 In Fear of Economical Changes – A typical German State of Mind?
Rafael Seligman, Historian and Author
Followed by Popkomm-Party in WMF
How Dare to Make Fun of Jews? Director Dani Levy about Reactions on his Movie „Alles auf Zucker“

Friday, September 16 – Berlin
10:00 Germany’s Economical Crisis and the Political Answers
Christoph Albrecht, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin
12:00 Bombings in Europe – Is Germany Prepared?
Lunch with Terror Expert at Kanzlereck
13:30 Facing the End of the Red-Green Governmental Project?
Reinhard Bütikofer, Head of Buendnis 90/Die Gruenen
14:30 Individual Research: Israeli Journalists follow their own Research Stories
Advised by German Journalists
17:00 A Shift to the Left – Final Election Event of Germany’s New „Linkspartei“
Stefan Liebich, Direct Candidate for Die Linke/PDS
20:30 Germans, Jews and Israelis – Views on a Special Relationship
Dinner with Dani Levy, Director of „Alles auf Zucker“ and GuestsHosted by David Kamenetzky, Goldman Sachs, at Weinhaus Huth
Followed by „Dummy“-Release-Party

Saturday, September 17 – Bernburg / Dessau / Berlin
09:30 Departure to Sachsen-Anhalt
11:00 Visit of the First German Gas Chamber in Bernburg
Dr. Ute Hoffmann, Memorial for Victims of NS-„Euthanasia“
13:30 Taking Action against Hatred towards Foreigners
Steffen Andersch, Initiative „GegenPart“, Dessau
19:00 10 Years German-Israeli Exchange with
Jubilee Programme

Sunday, September 18 – Berlin
13:30 „Ostalgia“ along the Wall – Bicycle Tour around East Berlin
Martin Wollenberg, Berlin on Bike
17:15 The Winner is… – Following the Results of the National Elections
CDU Party’s Headquarters
Followed by Election Parties of Gruene and Linkspartei
21:00 Closing Panel
Followed by Last Supper

Monday, September 19 – Berlin
10:00 Check-out Hotel
18:30 Departure to Tegel Airport
20:30 Departure from Tegel Airport to Frankfurt / Tel Aviv
What about the Jamaica-Option? Michael Anthony with Israeli Participants during the Election Party of the Greens

Das Programm wurde organisiert von Michael Anthony (Allianz) und Alexandra Werdes (freie Journalistin).